Saturday, April 16, 2011

My book is out

Dear Friends,
Some of you know about this project that I have been working on for three years now, some of you never heard about it. A picture book for ages 3-7, that I have both written and illustrated. The name of the book is : "Jeff, the lemonade drinking, pizza eating Raccoon of Bethesda". It has recently entered circulation Just 2 days ago it got listed on Amazon.

Three years ago I started writing and illustrating this book, after several re-writes and re-illustrations it has come to its final form as of Spring 2010.

Then I have hand made a dummy-version of the book and sent it to various publishing houses. As you can imagine in this economic environment, no chance of me going through established publishers . After 1 year of pushing the system, I decided to go guerilla and self publish, because I liked the story so much and wanted it to see the light of the day…

In the end it is now published by the publishing house of Amazon, called CreateSpace.

CreateSpace is an on-line, on demand, selfpublisher. You do all the editing, design management etc yourself, upload it to their site, CreateSpace assigns you an ISBN number and makes the book available for distribution in many on-line book sellers like Amazon, even the conventional distributers like Barnes&Nobles and Target.

But it doesn’t actually deliver it to the store. You have to create the demand for it. People have to hear about it, get exposure to it etc, so that they can go and buy it on line.

Actually, it is quite amazing, when somebody demands the book, it is printed on a one by one basis. You can say it is custom printed. 3 years ago this didn't exist.

I don't have a website for it yet but it will come with my friend Zeyno's help. For now I can give the link to

CreateSpace e-store and

Amazon e-store where it is sold

I will keep you posted.


Told you! After suffering a stroke and or having lost your speach, there is light at the end of the tunnel! It can be in a way even liberating to be able focus on one thing that you always wanted to do but never did in your life.

Stay well