Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Friends 2

It is good to see my friends again. They cheer me up, they bring flowers and chocolate, they offer me help of any kind: bringing food, doing chores even coming to clean the house… So nice of them to do that. But I have something else in mind for them to help with: my Speech.
With great deliberation I write down a schedule, later I will ask my mom to connect each one of my friends on the schedule and confirm. They are: Naciye, Zeyno, Nicole, Hilda and Zeynep. Nicole and Zeyno are working from home and they have flexible hours, Naciye and Hilda are full time moms like me, and Zeynep is a student.

We will give the schedule a try next week. They don’t know what they will help with, I don’t know either, but we will see…

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