Monday, March 9, 2009

September Wednesday 29, 2006

I go through morning routine: Shower, breakfast, speech exercises and then off to school. Today Kaan, Mehmet and Mom will go the “Hands on” science museum for Kids. Mehmet has found out about this Museum on line. He decided to get a family membership, which costs about $ 65, for an entire year’s access to science Museums across the USA. It seems like a great deal.

I, on the other hand, will go to school and learn how to speak again. I am so ready for this. In fact I am enjoying this Back to School thing, without having any responsibility. I don’t have to be a wife, a mom, a homemaker anymore; my only responsibility is to learn to speak intelligibly.

Today’s exercises include the sounds “sh” and “ch” and “j”

“ch” with increasing syllable count
Check, Chair, Choose, Cheese, Change, Choke, Cheap, Char, Chance, Chop, Choice, Chill, Chew, Cheek
Cheerful, Chaplain, Chuckle, Charter, Children,Chubby, Churning, Cherry, Chicken, Charming, China, Charcoal, Chimney, Chapter, Chummy

Champion, Chocolate, Chicory, Chancellor, Chiseller, Chatterbox, Chastisement, Chargeable, Challenging, Childishness, Chariot, Channelling, charity, Changeable, Chunkier
“ch” in a sentence:
Chilly days are good for a hot bowl of chili.
Please do not change the channel again!
That chain around your neck looks chunky.
The children fed cheese to the chipmunk.
And so on

“ch” within paragraph.
The children were looking for an adventure as they took their picnic lunch to a nearby orchard. The temperature was warm for March, and many creatures out from their hiding places. Chad was the first to spot a woodchuck stretched out under a birch tree. Gretchen put her sandwich aside to watch a chickadee and gold finch which were perched in a nearby branch of peach tree…

In the afternoon it is my lab time. I’m introduced to several software programs: Parrot and Bungalow among them.*
*I have searched since then, the following softwares are available on the market as of March 09
* Aphasia: React2, Aphasia Tutor 1, Aphasia Tutor 2, Numbers 'N Sounds, Sights 'N Sounds, Synonyms, Antonyms and Homonyms, Freeform, Lexion, Lexilogic, Step by Step, SentenceShaper.
Apraxia: Sword, The Source
Articulation/speech production: React2, Numbers 'N Sounds: Sights 'N Sounds:, lingWAVES TheraVox: Speech pacer, Speech Sounds on Cue, Speech prism

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