Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My new therapist: Jan

I meet with my new speech therapist, Jan. Immediately I am drawn to her. Such a gentle soul you haven’t seen. She evaluates me again. After going through the basic motions, she wants to know, what I want to get out of this therapy. Well, my goals haven’t changed much:
1) Speed
2) Recovering my old rhythm, tonality, fluency, inflection of speech.
3) Being able to initiate speech easily.
4) And doing all that without exhausting myself, like normal people do
For the moment being, we decide to focus our efforts on “Recovering my old rhythm, tonality, fluency, inflection of speech.” She makes me read a few paragraphs. Whenever I stumble upon a word I cannot read well, she says the word, then she says it again, I repeat, she says, I repeat, then we say it together in tandem, then I say it alone by myself, repeat after ten seconds, and again after thirty seconds.

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Nita Patel Savla said...

Can you advice some good speech activities to be don eon daily basis. My Father in Law is suffering from right hemeplegia and aphasia and speech is not recovered. its being 1 year now.