Wednesday, September 1, 2010

End of therapy as we know it

February 21, 2008 the end of speech therapy for me. Jan also lets me go. This time I feel ready. I feel that I can stand on my own two feet now. So it is not a problem. I’m not afraid to make my own phone calls. I am ready to approach complete strangers. I’m ready to make my voice heard at PTA meetings…
That is just my feeling though, the returning of confidence that I can lead a normal life. Nothing may have changed outside but on the inside I feel ready to face the world.
A lot of things are still challenging:
The weakness of the right cheek and tongue,
My speech being still slurry (especially when I try to sacrifice clarity for speed)
Speaking vocabulary
Plus everything going south when I feel sleep deprived, meaning less than 8 hours of quality sleep.
But I can manage on my own now. I have plans.

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