Wednesday, October 10, 2007

my story 5 -aphasia assement at the hospital

Then she takes the pad and writes the name of my husband. She asks me to copy it down. To my surprise, I can do it. She writes down "Kaan" I can also copy it down. But when she gives me a blank page I cannot write anything down but my name over an over again.

She wants me to imitate her in saying certain vowels like: "OOOO, UUUU, EEEEE". Let alone imitating them, I cannot even fathom what she wants me to do. It is almost like she has came from another planet and she wants me to use telekinesis to bend a spoon or something. How shall I know how to do it? Which command shall my brain issue to bend the spoon? I have no idea!

Finally she shows me a page with different symbols on it. And wants me to point to the one with a 'doctor' sign on it, then a 'nurse' sign, 'food', 'water'... But the efforts are futile. The feeling is very odd. I know what a doctor sign should look like but among the multiple signs it is impossible to point to the right one. If only it could be simpler like one sign per page and then give me a selection between two signs only, then maybe I could give an answer. Or a very simple photograph, schematised drawings confuse me.
Besides pointing to the written word is very difficult. It is as if spoken word and gestures are one and the same. It is a bundle I cannot separate.

So far for today. I will be back. Meanwhile check out Jean's blog. Her husband Don lives with aphasia, and she has the difficult job of decoding what he intents to mean.

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