Tuesday, December 4, 2007

my story 6- Meeting with my baby - Kaan

Hi! I'm back after 2 months, been gone to visit my parents, relatives, friends in Istanbul. It's been heavenly.

In the afternoon My baby -Kaan - comes to the hospital. He is 3 years old at the moment, and never left with other people, not even once with a babysitter. So he must be in quite a shock himself, with no mom and dad around. We left him with a couple of friends for that weekend, Zeynep and Emre, who were the only people present at the moment. Until that incidence, he and I have been inseparable, a lot of times he even didn't want my husband around, but me.

Mehmet has told him from the get go, that "Mommy is going to the Hospital, she is going to spend some time there because she is sick. She currently cannot speak, but will be better soon". The moment Kaan enters the ICU, it is a moment of truth. Will he accept the new me, or will he run away? Because Mommy has changed a lot.

Kaan enters the room on my husbands lap. He doesn't run away, but he also rejects to come near me. Of course, I cannot claim to be the Beauty Queen, with all the wires, tubes and pipes going into me or hanging out of me. When he is asked to give a kiss to Mommy, he comes near for my kiss, but refuses to sit on my lap. After that he becomes his 3 years old self again: pushing buttons on the side of my bed to make me go up or down. With that he has a lot more fun. After a while, when he is told that his buddy, Arman, is waiting outside, he goes merrily to the lobby.

One more obstacle down! Kaan seems happy. Children are much more sturdy than we give them credit for!

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