Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Yellow Submarine

I love the Beatles, but I didn't much care about their song "The Yellow Submarine".
Is it a curse then, that I now seem to be stuck with that song, forever and ever playing in my head? Yes, I'm not joking. After my stroke, a funny thing happened: Whenever I try to remember a song - any song- any melody - I face a continuous loop of the same insanity:

"In the town where I was born
Lived a man who sailed to sea
And he told us of his life
In the land of submarines"

I try hard to think of other songs, for example: "Twinkle, twinkle little star!" But no - instead:

"We all live in our yellow submarine,
Yellow submarine, yellow submarine"

Maybe something more contemporary would work? I try several songs, both melodies of my mother tongue and in English, melodies from my childhood and present.... But alas...

"We all live in our yellow submarine,
Yellow submarine, yellow submarine"

When I listen to other melodies, I can accompany them internally, but after the music stops, so does my accompaniment. It is almost a short term memory loss of "musical abilities", replaced by a giant submarine.


bikem ozturk said...

dear banu..

this is a really funny post.. maybe you did not intended that way.. but i like it very much..

keep writing.. love, bikem

the aphasia decoder.... said...

My husband has aphasia too and he sings all the time...only his songs are made up of all made-up words sang to the tune of real songs. I'm glad he's not stuck on 'The Yellow Submarine.' LOL