Tuesday, April 1, 2008

your mission- should you accept it - is to produce the sounds:

Your mission - should you accept it - is to produce the sounds: P,B, F ,V .

This is the homework the last speech therapist left us with. Mehmet and I are sitting face to face. He takes the lead. As I've described in my previous blog we relentlessly work on production of these sounds. Slowly I can also say ba ba da da...

By now I'm also much better with gestures. I guess I can do the full range of facial expressions now. Happy, sad, angry, puzzled, jump with joy... Also, I'm able to write more and more things, if I can remember the words.

I have borrowed my 3 year old son's Magnadoodle. It is a magnetic drawing surface, with the attached pen you can draw pictures and write messages. Easy-slide eraser on the bottom clears the screen. I can write on it with the attached pen, then I can erase very easely. I can draw basic pictures. It is available at every toy store, costs only a little. The first few weeks my son protests, then he gets used to mommy using his toys. This becomes my main communication device for the next month. Isn't this cool? It is a perfect tool, as I'm starting my communication life from the beginning, and going through the same stages as my son went 3 years ago: Ba ba ba da da da.

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Cem said...

It is interesting to see one of my favorite toys as a tool for therapy. [Remember Emre (Guney) drawing with it non-stop, back in Pittsburgh?]

This is a very nice blog Banu... Keep up the good work. Read the Newsweek article too. 'My turn' is my favorite section there; it's so good to see your name there. :) :)