Friday, January 9, 2009

The consistent web of unwavering love 1

Isn't it wonderful! The sun, and the wind, and the trees, and the sky, and the sounds that come from the living room when I open my eyes... Each day is a great gift.

The schedule we have put together works like a clock work. Everyday after early morning speech therapy with Sandy, I come home, and two friends visit me, one in the morning, one in the afternoon to work with me. Usually we repeat the lesson that Sandy had for that day, or whatever I had difficulty in. Over and over, nobody is getting tired. They try to teach me the sound "r" and "l". I have great difficulty with the "l" sound because either my tounge doesn't bend the slight curl that you need or I cannot touch the back of my upper teeth with the tip of my tounge, or maybe both. With Nicole we work on the "l" sound, we even try rolling my tounge around a pencil. It bears a lot of resemblence with my fair lady(!). With Zeynep we work on the "sh" and the short "i" sounds. She gives me a lot of hard time. With Zeyno we work on everything. We also chat, laugh and just have fun.

It is great to have my mom around too. She turns the house into a real home. She cooks, she looks after Kaan, she adds warmth to everything she does. But most of all, she encourages me beyond imagination. She has such an unwavering belief in me. Notices every progress and tells it to me lightheartedly. You cannot underestimate the healing power of all the people around you. They genuinely care. They care from the heart and it shows, in the belief, in the actions.

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