Friday, August 28, 2009

We are headed home

It is November 2nd. We are going back. The beautiful colors of the fall have turned into wind gusts and chill. For a few days now, snow has been falling steadily. Smoke from wood burning fire places is pleasing to senses. For the last week things have been pretty lax at Umap, it is almost like the last days in school, nobody pays much attention to therapy sessions anymore. People are anxious to go home.
Ruth is flying with her third and final son to Florida to her boyfriend, Mike has his challenge cut out for him: they are moving to Tennessee to retire, they are building a house there and he is going to oversee the process, plenty of opportunity to talk! Mac is going to stay three more weeks because he made so much improvement at the last minute.
As for us we are going home, having a stop over in Pittsburg, our previous home town. We leave Ann Arbor on a clouded morning. On our way we stop at every science museum possible. In Toledo, in Pittsburg, in Delaware… All of them are geared towards children. Kaan is really having the time of his life!
Before I depart I receive a second evaluation. Here is the report. (the official was written later in November)

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